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    本站網友 Deliverance ip:188.143.234.*
    2016-05-18 08:40:05 發表
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    本站網友 Indian ip:188.143.232.*
    2016-05-17 07:38:34 發表
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    本站網友 Betty ip:188.143.232.*
    2016-05-15 14:41:18 發表
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    本站網友 Mauve ip:188.143.234.*
    2016-05-14 07:46:19 發表
    Shavua tov and a belated chag saeb*ch:)*****aOmama has been such a fail, way beyond any other president, the chances of him winning another term are pretty slim. Doubtful that he&#39;ll bow out gracefully, unless the Dem party sees him as a great threat to their agenda and compels him to drop out.
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    本站網友 Austin ip:94.23.238.*
    2013-07-29 19:08:49 發表
    I was serisuoly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.
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    2011-08-29 01:32:02 發表
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    本站網友 ipdorkajkw ip:190.3.106.*
    2011-08-17 23:25:16 發表
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    本站網友 gfnnlykom ip:187.33.236.*
    2011-08-16 19:33:31 發表
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    2011-08-15 20:31:41 發表
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    本站網友 Mitchell ip:71.185.78.*
    2011-08-14 22:56:42 發表
    I rcekon you are quite dead on with that.
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